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  • Melting Landscape

    Melting Landscape

  • Mercury Tryptic

    Mercury Tryptic

  • The 7 Acts of Chaos (2)

    The 7 Acts of Chaos

  • The 7 Acts of Chaos

    The 7 Acts of Chaos

Introducing the Mercury Effect

Rado Kirov is a Master Silver Smith, who after years of experimentation with stainless steel as an alternative medium, developed the Mercury Effect. This is a revolutionary technique of manipulating sheets of stainless steel under extreme temperatures to achieve a rippled surface that is mirror polished to dynamically reflect its surroundings.

The Mercury Effect technique is a closely guarded secret, which Rado uses to create unique artworks, both free-standing and wall sculptures, and bespoke architectural features that add an element of intrigue and delight.

With its unique form, the Mercury Effect blends seamlessly with its environment. The durability of the stainless steel lends a flexibility to the numerous applications of the Mercury Effect, making it suitable for both interior and exterior environments. As a material, it can be used for wall cladding, artistically covering pillars or fireplaces, flat wall or free-standing sculptures, furniture and virtually anything that requires a fresh and unique design solution.

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